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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to the Actor's Detective!

The Actor's Detective is a one stop site for tips, hints, advice, leads and other important information geared towards helping actors, entertainers and performers advance their careers.

In addition to frequently updated blog posts, our web store (coming soon)  will be offering Special Reports, ebooks, audio/video seminars and a weekly newsletter for sale, all filled with valuable info.

We will be working hard to compile the research necessary so that actors can have advance notice of film/TV and theater projects that are coming up (including contact information) and begin to submit for them long before everyone else in the business knows about it.

Anyone can make more money, but the one thing you can't make more of is time. The Actor's Detective weekly newsletter will provide a shortcut to the vital information performers need on which shows and films will be casting next -with direct contact information for the producers, directors and key players involved - saving actors countless valuable hours of digging through the trades and working the grapevine for leads themselves.

Each performer is the CEO of their own company and, as such, they are also the top salesperson. The most important responsibility actors have every day is to get information about themselves into the right hands and to attract the attention of those who are in the position to offer them auditions and roles. The Actor's Detective newsletter provides these "golden leads" that allow actors to supercharge their marketing efforts.     

The Actor's Detective stands apart from other services out there that compile lists of upcoming projects because we  provide names and, more importantly, addresses so that performers can be proactive in promoting their talents and skills to the people that count, weeks - and sometimes months - before projects and roles are listed in the breakdowns or casting papers.

So welcome to The Actor's Detective!  Visit us often. We will offer information about the business of show business that others don't (or won't.) Be in the loop before your peers. We have many inside links to the entertainment pipeline that provide us with secret details of projects before they become official and we will get that knowledge into the hands of smart actors (like you) so that you can use it wisely to pave your way to success. Don't get left behind. 

The Actors Detective: 
We do the research so that you don't have to! 

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